Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's been just TOO long!

Today, I had the pleasure of creating the wedding cake and cupcakes for Jennifer Dixon and Trevor Kitchen's wedding. The wedding was at the magnificent Raffaldini Vineyards in Ronda, NC. (Just past Winston-Salem). 
Naked wedding cakes are becoming more popular with brides, and especially in a more rustic setting. This was the perfect venue for her "semi-naked cake" and speciality cupcakes. Her cake was Milk Chocolate-Chocolate Chip and the cupcakes were Key Lime, Dulce de Leche and Snickerdoodle!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now taking limited orders each month!

I have been so happy to be a part of so many celebrations. But, the time has come slow things down so I can move on to new adventures. I have been blessed with a great family: lots of children (eight to be exact) several who are now married. And now I have five grandchildren with one more due in a few weeks.  It's time for me to take the time to be the "Grammie" I want to be.

My Family - We just keep growing!

Some of you also know that I have had quite a time of it since my diagnosis of breast cancer in September 2009. I have fought a good fight, and so far I am hanging in there. But, situations like this really help you stop and think about what is really important in life.I just want you to know the reasons behind the decision.

June 2011 - Our Second Annual Susan G. Komen Walk
Celebrating my 2nd year as a Cancer Survivor


If you are a new customer, I'd love to show you why my customers and their guests say that I make the best cake they have ever tasted.  Give me a call or send me an email!

If you are a former bride or customer, and you have a relative or friend who is getting married or celebrating an important event, I want you to say to them, "hey, I know a lady who makes fabulous cakes!".  Still the same moist and delicious cakes and fillings you came to know; still beautiful cake art; still a warm and friendly experience--but now, just not as many orders each week.

You can contact me with the same phone number that you have in your records. Or, you may email me at   I'd love to hear from you.

If you are one of my 2011 brides, and are looking to order your complimentary 1 year anniversary cake, just send me an email at the address above or give me a call and I'll make sure I get your cake ready for you to celebrate.  Just give me at least two weeks advance notice; name the flavor you want the cake to be; and then we'll arrange a time for you to pick it up.


Monday, July 26, 2010

July 24, 2010

Susan and Rick were married at the historical setting of Berry Hill Plantation in South Boston, Virginia.  Located just over the North Carolina border, off Hwy 501, South Boston is a quaint little town with early American charm.

Berry Hill Mansion
Berry Hill Mansion

Berry Hill Plantation Aerial View
Berry Hill Arial

For us, it was a 100 mile drive from Fuquay-Varina, NC to the Plantation.  We had a lovely drive, in spite of the 100 degree reading on the thermometer.  Ordinarily, I request that cakes going this far in the heat of the summer use rolled fondant for the icing.  However, the bride was certain she wanted a traditional delicious buttercream iced cake.  I discussed the potential risks, the things that can happen, but that do not necessarily happen.

Having recently discovered some new tricks to protect the back windows of the Jeep from having the sunshine streaming in through the tinted glass, we set on our way with a simply styled three tier wedding cake that serves 150 guests.  Triple sugar pearl pattern is used with a custom made pearl edged "monogram" plaque.  Beautiful fresh pink and white roses crown the top tier of the cake

Susan and Rick
Susan Stovall 600x800

It was a lovely day for a very lovely bride and her family.

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 10, 2010

Lauren and Steve were married on Saturday, July 10th and celebrated their wedding at TPC Wakefield Plantation in North Raleigh.  This is one of my favorite venues.  The special event coordinator, Jaclyn Parks, always makes sure that every detail is attended too.  The staff is pleasant and the ballroom is always beautifully decorated.

This garden themed wedding cake is a simple, but detailed design.  Iced in vanilla buttercream, the tiers are piped with dimensional leaves on vines.  The fresh flowers on the cake topper are absolutely beautiful.

The photo is courtesy of Craig from Luster Studios.  Check out his work from Lauren and Steve's wedding, he is a wonderful photographer!

Lauren and Steve
Lauren and Steve

Catherine wanted her wedding cake to reflect the lace from her wedding dress and pearls like the ones that went down the back of her gown.  She also loved ribbon bands and tiny scroll work.  This original custom design was my inspiration after several hours of contemplating all her favorite things.

Below is my original drawing

And now, here is how the completed cake looked.


You may notice that in my drawing, the lace panels were not as large as they ended up.  When I ordered the lace mold, I had no idea that it would be so large.  Additionally, Catherine really wanted to use fresh flowers on the top of her cake.  Several varieties of brightly colored roses with white stephanotis really pop! The bride and her sweet mom, Phyllis, loved how all the elements of the cake came together to create Catherine's dream wedding cake.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Look for the Cake Dreams Blog

Highest praise goes to my talented daughter-in-law, Mary, who has created a custom design for my BLOG. I love that the new design is in complete harmony with my website design. She has started a Blog design business and many have already reaped the benefits of her keen eye for design.

Inspired by a photo collage of white on white wedding cake designs that Mary used as a sample entry during the design process, I have reviewed the past years of my own white on white wedding cake designs and created a collage of my own.

There is nothing that screams “I AM A WEDDING CAKE” than a tiered cake iced in white with white designs and flowers or accessories.  The simple designs are just as elegant as the more “artistically inspired” cakes.

White on White Wedding Cakes
White Wedding Cakes small
From the top left to right, row 1 then row 2

MichelleClassic scroll patterns in vanilla buttercream with white roses
This is an example of a “basic design” which is one of the most value priced cake designs.  It just shows that the simplest designs stand the test of time.

DionneSwiss dots on buttercream with white roses
The most simple of designs, yet it’s simple understated elegance is obvious. This is another example of a  Basic Design

DabneyButtercream iced with added sugar paste  embellishments
I love the combination of squares and rounds to add interest to the design.  Here is an example of combining three different design elements on the same cake.  The quilted pattern on the bottom square, combined with the vertical fondant ribbon strips and simple sugar pearls are all quite cohesive because the eye moves up the cake as the design elements become lighter on each tier.  My favorite part of this cake are the hand shaped fondant bows.  I used a pasta machine to roll the sugar paste very thin so the bows and ribbon would drape just like a fabric bow.  This is an example of a Basic Plus Design.

AmyButtercream iced with sugar paste designs
Cut out diamond shapes airbrushed with pearl luster make a harlequin diamond design on the bottom tier.  Triple Swiss Dot patter on the middle tier and thin fondant ribbon strips on the top tier show once again that combining three distinct patterns on one cake can create an interesting and eye appealing look when the design elements are white on white.  This is another example of a Basic Plus Design.

Aimee LeeCustom design based on embroidery and piping of bride’s wedding gown
This four tier cake is iced in vanilla buttercream.  Long tubes of fondant form the borders at the base of each tier.  Using an extruder, thin round strands of sugar paste were formed in the same shape of the petals embroidered on the bride’s gown as well as the long piping with loops from her dress.  Small sugar pearls and pearl tipped stamens are added where in the fashion as the beading on her dress.  The entire cake was airbrushed with a pearl luster so that the sugar paste piping would pop and shimmer.  This is an example of an Original Custom Design.

ElizabethCustom design based on design elements of bride’s wedding gown
This three tier cake starts with hexagon shaped tiers iced in vanilla buttercream.  I hand cut daisy shaped sugar flowers in two sizes patterned after the floral embroidery designs on the bodice of her wedding gown.  A sugar paste bow tops of the cake.  This is another example of an Original Custom Design.

LizSugar paste flowers on buttercream icing
Alternating random scrolls and sugar pearls create a simple background for several varieties of handmade sugar paste flowers.  White roses, orchids, gardenias, stephanotis start at the top tier of the cake and cascade down three round tiers to the top of the bottom tier of the cake.  The square first tier has a pearl edged oval monogram plaque with the bride and groom’s initials.   This is an example of a Custom Buttercream Design.

KristinSugar paste flowers and fondant drapes on fondant iced cake
Five tiers completely iced in a delicious European rolled fondant create the basic canvas for this French Inspired design for my newest daughter-in-law, Kristin.  Fondant was rolled ultra thin with a pasta machine to create the 30 draped swags that are placed at the top edge of each tier of the cake.  Hundreds of handmade sugar paste flowers and leaves (roses, apple blossoms, white leaves and stephanotis blossoms) are place on the steps and top of each tier of the cake. A small Swiss dot pattern is piped in royal icing where the swags join together.  This is an example of a Custom Fondant Design.

Please check my the PRICING page on my website for more information about wedding cake pricing.

From time to time I think I will feature cake designs in a thematic way like the White Wedding cakes above. Perhaps one of the collections will inspire you for your upcoming wedding cake.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching up!

For those who follow my blog, I am sure that you have noticed that I have not posted for several months. There have still been wedding cakes created and delivered, although not as many as in previous years. The shortest story is that I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in late September and so I had to go through chemotherapy, 2 surgeries and radiation. Today, I am cancer free, and more importantly, I AM A SURVIVOR!!!

I am not posting all the cakes that were made since November, but here's a sampling of some newer designs.

Whitney's cake was very personalized. The designs piped on the top and bottom tiers came from her Noritake China pattern. On the middle tier was a monogram plaque with the couple's custom designed lettering. This monogram was used in the invitations and on all the table decorations. Fresh flowers--stargazer lilies, roses and hydrangea accented this simply elegant cake. Her reception was at one of my favorite venues: Sister's Garden and Catering on Millbrook Rd. in Raleigh.

OK, this next cake HAS to be one of my favorites of all 2009. It's the kind of cake you make a simple sketch of and then are amazed when you finally see it come alive in 3-D and it is even better than you imagined. I made the sugar pasted flowers with a large 5 petal rose cutter, and then folded in the petals to create a point. Once they were dry, I buffed in some sapphire luster dust to give them sheen, and then steamed them to set the luster dust. A bright lime green royal icing was made to create the dots in the center for the stamens. Since this was a week that I was having chemotherapy, my wonderful daughter-in-law, Mary, helped cut and shape the 72 leaves that were added to the navy scroll work. I used the small hole on my extruder to create the lime gum paste border around the monogram plaque and to create the letters with the left over navy sugarpaste from the flowers.


The following cake is the one that I created for my newest daughter-in-law, Kristin. My son Michael and Kristin were married on December 19th, 2009. Kristen's cake was covered in white rolled fondant. Fondant drapes were created from the top edge of each tier around all sides of the cake. Various white sugar paste roses, apple blossoms and white filler flowers and leaves decorated the steps and tops of the tiers. The cake dimensions were 18-14-10-7-4 and served about 275-300. It was one HEAVY cake.

Kristin (my daughter-in-law)

Christine was married in early January. She wanted a winter themed cake. The design was simple, but still had a nice impact. I hand piped royal icing snowflakes from patterns I found online. Three sizes of silver dragees were placed randomly on the sides of cake. A sparkly silver ribbon was wrapped around the base of each tier. At the base of the cake I wrapped royal blue beaded wire several times around.


Later in January, I made this next cake for Kourtney and Derek, who are good friends of my son Mark. More handmade snowflakes were used on this offset square design with royal purpled ribbon. A few silver dragees added a nice pop and complimented the silver monogram.


Anita selected this popular design of alternating tiers of random scrolls and pearls. I really loved the contrast of the kelly green with the bright pink gerbera daisies. The custom made cake topper is one of my all-time favorites. It is a heart with the bride and groom's name formed from continues silver wire.


Frances' cake was a more complex design than usual. I loved the concept of the scroll-work with more dimension. I hand rolled "snakes" of fondant and shaped them in different scroll shapes and attached them to the rolled fondant icing. Then I hand painted silver luster on all the scrolls. It took six hours to roll, shape and paint the scrolls. The bride's choice of monogram lettering was perfect to compliment the design.

Roslyn LOVES dragonflies. She wanted her wedding cake to reflect that. Her 6 year old son had given her a brooch as a gift last year, and so she asked if there was a way to create something that included the design of the brooch. I made a photo copy of the pin at our consultation and then pondered during the following months about how I would do this. I ended up enlarging the scale of the pin and hand cutting and contouring gumpaste into the shape of the three dragonflies of the pin. I used different shades of green and gold luster dusts to copy the pin exactly. I piped outline shapes of dragonflies on the bottom and top tiers. The lime/apple green ribbon around the base of the tiers tied it all together. She loved her wedding cake.


Anna's cake design is a throwback to classic designs from a decade or more ago. Ruffled borders at the base with shell trim and C-scroll borders at the top edge of the tiers with single sugar pearls created a very traditional cake design.


Chelsea's cake starts with a square tier on the bottom with three round tiers stacked on top. The vertical fondant ribbon strips on the square add a contemporary edge to compliment the very popular sugar pearls and quilt pattern on the round tiers. Beautiful green hydrangea blossoms with a combination of bright and light pink roses make for a beautiful spring wedding cake.


I hope you like the new cakes. I always love to hear your comments about the ones that you like the best. I hope to post more frequently now that it is summer and there are more cakes to create during the peak of the wedding season.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Susan and Rich

November 7, 2009
What a lovely day it was for a wedding! The weather was spectacularly beautiful. The location was the bucolic Barn at Valhalla just east of Chapel Hill. Susan and Rich are a delightful couple who were just so fun to work with. Susan wanted her cake to be inspired by a graphic of a simple sketch of tree from their "Save the Date" invitations.

She also wanted a touch of the eggplant accent color from her wedding colors. This is what I came up with.

closeup front view

The cake was iced in a very light ivory buttercream icing. I used an extruding "gun" to make long tubes of the eggplant tinted fondant to place at the base of each of the tiers. Ivory sugarpaste was cut into the shape of the trunk of the tree and branches and placed like appliqué on the front of the cake. The leaves were cut from a leaf cutter and then hand contoured to be dimensional and then placed on the branches of the tree. A small heart with the initials of the bride and groom were placed at the base of the tree, simulating the carving of two sweethearts. The graphic only had one branch on it and no top of tree. So I placed a branch extending opposite directions on the middle and top tier and then carried the theme over the top edge and filled in the top of the cake with several branches and leaves.

Rich's birthday was also the same week as the wedding, so they decided to do a birthday themed groom's cake to celebrate his birthday. They chose a simple package style cake.

Happy Birthday Rich!!

I hope that they had a wonderful celebration and a lovely day!